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9 Signs of a Trustworthy Basement Waterproofing Contractor


Owning a home requires the ability to discern between professional contractors and those who are not equipped for the job. If you are thinking of making a home investment for the future of your property, you may want to consider basement waterproofing. Waterproofing your home is one of the lowest-cost options to help protect your home against flooding and severe weather damage that often results in thousands of dollars in repairs, according to Visually.

Once you make the decision to waterproof your basement against severe weather and natural disasters, there are a few steps to take. Hiring the right professional basement waterproofing contractor for the job will ensure your basement is completed properly while simultaneously providing you with peace of mind.

1. Extensive Experience

Whenever you’re in the process of hiring a new basement waterproofing contractor for any reason for your home, it’s important to ask about the contractor’s professional experience. Ask about how familiar they are with the type of waterproofing you require based on the size of your home and the type of basement you have in place. Asking waterproofing contractors questions will also help you to learn more about their level of experience as you get to know them on a personal level. Finding a contractor that you mesh with personally is equally as important as finding one who is skilled, as the waterproofing project may require weeks to complete.

A trustworthy basement waterproofing contractor will be excited to share details regarding their experience in the field of waterproofing. They will also have the ability to answer questions effortlessly if they have years or even decades of experience in the industry. Whether you are interested in the methods that are used to seal basements similar to your own or if you are curious about the timeline required, a professional will have no issue providing you with that information.

2. Strong Portfolio

Another clear indicator that you are working with a professional waterproofing contractor is if they offer to showcase their portfolios to you directly. Even if you do not ask to see their portfolios, professionals who are looking to land new clients will be eager to demonstrate the work they have done and the skills they possess with the hopes of landing a new long-term client.

3. Up-to-Date Insurance

Never hire a contractor who does not currently have insurance. Contractors who work inside the homes of clients are required to have insurance in order to protect the homeowners from potential legal and financial liabilities. When a professional waterproofing contractor approaches you for work, they will be proud to present you with the verification that they are fully insured and ready to take on new clients and jobs.

4. Proper Licensing

Along the same lines as being insured, it’s also imperative that any waterproofing contractor who is working for clients is licensed. Keeping up with licenses and certifications is a part of working as a waterproofing contractor, whether the individual is doing so on their own or for a larger company or organization. If you are thinking of hiring a waterproofing contractor, be sure to ask them about their licensing. This includes questions about if they’re currently licensed, how long they’ve been licensed, and if they have any special training or certifications. You know a company is responsible and dependable if they have this information readily available.

5. Several Referrals

Are you looking to hire a professional waterproofing contractor that you can trust and rely on without second-guessing yourself? If so, it’s best to turn to waterproof contractors that have plenty of referrals and recommendations to share with you. A referral or recommendation from someone you know or other members of your local community can go a long way when it comes to finding the right contractors for any home renovation project you have in mind.

Whenever you’re looking for a new contractor to hire for any purpose, referrals and recommendations matter. Some reasons why referrals go a long way when it comes to hiring new contractors or companies for the services they provide include:

  • They prove that the contractor you are thinking of hiring is legitimate and has had other work elsewhere with different clients.
  • Referrals demonstrate a job well-done, especially if the referral comes from someone that you know personally.
  • Recommendations prove that the work was done in a professional manner, which is ideal if you’re looking to ease your mind before choosing the right contractor for your basement waterproofing job.

6. Warranties

Hiring a contractor requires more than positive and glowing reviews. In fact, before hiring any waterproofing contractor for your basement’s needs, verify that you will also be entitled to a warranty. A warranty should protect you from any faulty work and/or damage your property might have sustained during the renovation and waterproofing itself. Inquire about warranty options and the types of warranty each contractor you are thinking of hiring provides. Compare your options before choosing a contractor that is suitable for your needs.

7. Transparency

Finding a contractor that you can trust is not always the easiest of tasks as a homeowner, especially if you’ve never worked with waterproofing contractors in the past. Whenever you are in need of basement waterproofing, seek out contractors that are not only licensed and insured but also thorough and transparent.

A waterproofing contractor that is thorough and transparent will have no qualms about creating a project timeline and scope that fits your budget as well as any deadlines you have in place already. The right contractor will also be upfront about options, materials, and pricing, with the hopes of getting their clients the best deals possible. You should hire a company that is easily able to answer all of your questions and address any of your concerns.

8. Good Reviews

If you have already been shown proof of referrals and recommendations, a professional waterproofing contractor may also want to share more in the way of testimonials and reviews. Taking a look at testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients can help you to feel more comfortable working with a contractor while simultaneously getting to know more about the type of services the contractor provides.

Any time you are thinking of hiring a new professional basement waterproofing contractor, take the time to research customer reviews and client testimonials. Even if you are presented with glowing reviews while meeting with a waterproofing contractor in person, it’s still recommended to research testimonials and reviews online. This is a way to ensure that they are just as authentic and genuine as ones that are handpicked by the contractors themselves.

9. Professional Attitude

Hiring a waterproofing contractor for your basement’s needs is about more than simply ensuring they can do the job right. Because a basement waterproofing job can require anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, it’s important to work with contractors that you get along with personally.

Knowing what to look for when hiring a professional basement waterproofing contractor is a way to keep your mind at ease while your basement is upgraded. The right waterproofing contractor will not only deliver high-quality installations and overall service but also peace of mind. Contact A-Proseal Basement Waterproofing & Concrete Lifting to get started with our services.

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