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Your home is more than just a building; it’s a sanctuary where memories are created and cherished. Yet, over time, natural wear and tear can take its toll, especially on your concrete surfaces. A-Proseal is here to offer you a remarkable solution that stands the test of time—concrete leveling.

What is Concrete Leveling?

Concrete leveling is an effective method for correcting uneven concrete surfaces. This technique, often applied to sidewalks, driveways, and patios in Libertyville, IL, offers a reliable alternative to full concrete replacement. With over two decades in the industry, A-Proseal has established itself in Libertyville, IL, bringing a blend of experience and cutting-edge technology to deliver durable and aesthetic results. As a licensed and insured company with five-star reviews, competitive pricing, and guaranteed satisfaction, A-Proseal is your go-to for concrete raising and lifting in the area.

Why Polyurethane Injection Is the Superior Choice

With the evolution of concrete repair techniques, Polyurethane Injection has taken precedence over traditional mudjacking, especially in Libertyville, IL. This modern method is less invasive, involving smaller drill holes, leading to a cleaner look. Polyurethane’s lightweight nature reduces the risk of further sinking, while its quick cure time allows for prompt utilization of the concrete surfaces. Given these benefits, it’s clear why Polyurethane Injection is becoming the favored solution for concrete lifting.

Signs You Might Need Concrete Leveling

  • Cracking Surface: If you notice cracks appearing on your concrete surface, it’s a clear sign that the structure is unstable.
  • Water Pooling: Puddles forming on your concrete after a rainfall indicate an uneven surface, leading to drainage issues.
  • Uneven Slabs: Slabs that have shifted or sunk at different levels pose tripping hazards.
  • Soil Erosion: Visible erosion underneath the concrete slab signifies underlying instability, calling for immediate attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire process can often be completed within a day, depending on the size and condition of the concrete surface.

With high-quality materials like polyurethane, concrete leveling can offer long-lasting results.

While most cases can be remedied, extremely deteriorated concrete may require replacement.

Ground stabilization involves injecting polyurethane into the ground beneath the concrete to fortify the existing soil structure.

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