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Concrete Leveling

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Comprehensive Concrete Leveling in Waukegan, IL

For over two decades, A-Proseal has been the go-to waterproofing company in the Chicagoland area. Offering a plethora of services, A-Proseal is driven by one simple motto: quality work with guaranteed satisfaction. From five-star reviews to licensed and insured professionals, we’ve raised the bar for industry standards. Our affordable pricing makes top-tier services accessible to everyone. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on one of our main services that have become increasingly popular in Waukegan, IL—Concrete Leveling.

What is Concrete Leveling?

Concrete leveling is a precise method used to correct an uneven concrete surface by altering the foundation that the surface sits upon. It is an effective alternative to complete concrete replacement, offering a cost-efficient solution. In Waukegan, IL, property owners utilize concrete leveling to address the sinking and settling of their concrete slabs, ensuring their surfaces are even and safe.

Why Polyurethane Injection Trumps Traditional Mudjacking Methods

Polyurethane Injection represents a significant advancement over traditional mudjacking. This innovative process involves injecting a high-density foam beneath the concrete, providing a lift and stabilization that is superior to the old mudjacking technique. Especially for Waukegan residents, this method is beneficial as it is minimally invasive and offers a lasting solution to common concrete problems.

Signs You Might Need Concrete Leveling

  • Cracks and Gaps: If you notice cracks or gaps in your concrete, it’s a clear sign that the structure is not level.
  • Water Pooling: Standing water in certain spots indicates an uneven surface that requires immediate attention.
  • Sunken Steps: A significant difference in step height can cause tripping hazards.
  • Uneven Driveway: Cars may struggle to maintain balance on an uneven surface, and it can even damage your vehicle over time.
  • Tilting Patios: If your patio furniture is tilting or unstable, it’s a telltale sign your concrete needs leveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on the area and condition.

With Polyurethane Injection, the results are long-lasting and often permanent, depending on the initial problem.

Most types of sunken concrete can be effectively leveled, although extremely deteriorated surfaces may require replacement.

Ground stabilization strengthens the soil beneath the concrete, providing a more robust foundation for a leveled surface.

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